Welcoming the Day

Long time collectors, Deb and Terry asked me to create a large painting for their dining room about two years [...]

Whileaway – Giclee

Bob and Mary have collected "Whileaway" for their beautiful home! After installation, I also had the opportunity to collect two [...]

Buddies – Original

Korri and Jay collected "Buddies" from the Safari Adventures series. They look forward to bringing her home after the Phoenix [...]

Walk with Me

Aspen leaves dance as the breeze moves gently through the forest. The sound of their fluttering a melody. Some leaves [...]

Cheerful – Giclee

Love “Cheerful” with our arrangement. It ties the colors together and adds cheerfulness! Good seeing all of you on Saturday. -Diane

Hello Sunshine – Giclee

Joe and Laura also brought home a custom framed 30x48 enhanced Giclee print of Hello Sunshine to complete their master [...]

Desert Morn – Giclee

Cindy found Lucy recently online, she lives in Connecticut yet grew up in Arizona. Looking for Arizona art, she found [...]

Auray Commission

Marion walked in during the Hidden in the Hills Open Studio Tour and fell in love with Desert Morn 1 [...]

Last Light – Giclee

“I’ve always said beauty is in the eye of the beholder… My mom started collecting art when I was in [...]

Sonoran Rainbow – Giclee

Deb and Terry found their special Giclee print, of Sonoran Rainbow, for their Master Bath niche. "Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, words [...]

Silence – Giclee

Bill and Gerry chose a 36x48 Giclee print of Silence, enhanced. Fortunately Bill is a wonderful woodworker. Check out this [...]

Colorado Waterfall

Recently, I was contacted by collectors Debbie and Dan who originally found me through the Hidden in the Hills Open [...]

Joyful – Original

While on vacation I received a call from Lucy Falcon in Texas who was calling for her Sister in Law, [...]

Borman Commission

Morning Hike is from a wonderful experience exploring the trails of the Spur Cross Conservation Area in Cave Creek, Arizona. [...]

Myrna Commission

Mike and Myrna found me through the Hidden in the Hills Open Studio tour and since collected a couple pieces. [...]

Cholla Glow – Original

Recently Neil & Diane Swenson invited us over to view three of my original paintings, Twins, Cholla Glow, and Cholla [...]

Twins – Original

Recently Neil & Diane Swenson invited us over to view three of my original paintings, Twins, Cholla Glow, and Cholla [...]

Monsoon – Giclee

Rebecca ordered for Austin his favorite image, Monsoon. This print is close to double the original size. We also gallery [...]

Desert Gardens – Giclee

Debbie saw the original painting. Desert Gardens, at Hidden in the Hills in November. The original sold there. Debbie decided [...]

Sun Kissed – Giclee

MariKay recently purchased an enhanced Giclee of Sun Kissed for her home. We met at the framer's to look at [...]

Morning Walk – Giclee

Dusty recently posted on Facebook: "My friend Lucy Dickens painted this amazing picture and it has a place of honor [...]

Passion – Giclee

From Michele! Hi Lucy, I loved my surprise! Thank you so much. We have it hanging in the living room, [...]

Touch of Heaven – Giclee

Breanna Cataldo awakened to a big surprise from her wonderful Santa husband Tony! She saw this custom framed Giclee. Touch [...]

La Luna Canta

La Luna Canta (The Moon Sings) collected by Ron and Colette Kallock La Luna Canta

Brilliance – Original

Brilliance was juried into the Scottsdale Artist School's "Best and the Brightest" show where my collectors, Ron and Colette Kallock [...]

Virgil Commission

Doug and Linda Virgil, a couple of truly wonderful collectors of mine commissioned me to capture their cabin up north [...]

Tuscan Commission

Inspired by the magnificent villas of Tuscany, this stunning residence is located in North Scottsdale. A couple of my most [...]