Old Souk of Byblos Commission

Old Souk of Byblos Commission


Old Souk of Byblos is a special commission for Tracey whose husband is from Lebanon. Byblos holds special meaning and memories for him, located approximately 30 km north of Beruit. Byblos is an ancient Caananite and Phoenician city and is the oldest inhabited city in the world (7000B.C.), rich in ancient history. Byblos is also a beautiful seaside village along the Mediterranean.

A souk is a vibrant social and commercial center in any town in the Middle East or North Africa. The Old Souk of Byblos is a pedestrian only, historic marketplace filled with antiques, souvenirs, and restaurants. Wandering the narrow, cobblestone paths situated in the walled historic center, you can enjoy the wonderful medieval architecture, old walls, and half ruins.

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