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I was interviewed by The Great American Paint In #PandemicArtworkStories, hosted by Ashley! Here is the full interview sharing my artwork and story. Enjoy!

What’s my Story?

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Interview part 1
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Interview part 2





My husband, Richard, and I were interviewed by Kathryn Lloyd, of The Master Secrets, just after she visited during our recent studio tour. Kathryn specializes in sharing interviews, demos, and so much more for artists to learn and grow from. While geared toward artists I feel there is much to learn from these interviews.

We discussed many things: my art history and journey, philosophy, home and studio renovation, the Hidden in the Hills Open Studio tour, our artist team, and how we create a welcoming and successful environment.

The second interview continues in how we prepare for such a large-scale event, advice to other artists, and Richard, as a non-artist, discusses how he supports his artist wife. You won’t want to miss this one for sure!

“I watched both videos… great stuff and so much more than just the art and the Artist. I also liked the part about how in the art you get part of the artist. That sounds so basic, but I really never thought about that before, so true. On Part 2… a partnership isn’t 50-50. Most relationships/partners never get this. I think we both had help being in business w/our spouses… you see how 50-50 won’t cut it and must become 100% engaged in your partner’s wellbeing. – John Angelo

Artist Biography

Storyteller of Fine Art – Lucy Dickens

Before Lucy Dickens puts brush to canvas to create phenomenal scenes from nature, she personally experiences them. She is also a storyteller—it’s one reason her award-winning paintings are unique.

Her fine art, oil on canvas paintings, focus on landscapes, botanicals, and wildlife and each piece comes to life as she composes words to further illustrate her experiences or feelings associated with the art.

Not only are the sights, sounds, events, and emotions expressed through her work, so is her deep faith in God. This is her inspiration to create praiseworthy paintings, and it is the sentiment woven throughout her life and in all her creativity.

Lucy’s artistic talents emerged in her early years when her parents—one a photographer and the other a watercolorist—introduced her to how art can capture the beauty of nature. She soon developed a sharp eye and zeal for the outdoors. Her mother, whom she loved to watch paint, was the first person to encourage and inspire Lucy to create. “From the first time I put brush to canvas, I knew this is what I was supposed to be doing. This is who I am,” she expresses. The more she paints, the more a deep passion and sense of purpose fulfills her. “This is my calling,”  she says.

Prior to painting in oils, Lucy worked primarily
with acrylics and developed a unique style she’s mastered over the years—but not without in-depth training. She directed her own art education, first by taking workshops and absorbing books and videos about painting, then by taking expert instruction from seasoned art professionals at the Scottsdale Artists’ School and additional workshops and one-on-one classes. Before long, her early acrylic work was showing in downtown Scottsdale on Main Street, and she realized this work as her new career. She had a desire for more brilliance in the quality of her work and knew she had to move beyond acrylics. She made the transition to oils, never looking back. To further hone her talent, she studied great artists of the Hudson River Valley, (Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church) and how they handled oils as well as their ability to master light, landscape, and a sense of the divine. Later, she deepened her art knowledge with the guidance of Jason Horejs, of Xanadu Gallery, and his Art Business Academy, who mentored her in the fundamentals of the art business including marketing, promotion, galleries, selling, etc. Her work is currently represented in his gallery in Pinetop, AZ.

The guided path of her training supports her passion and natural talent, and all this is why art collectors are discovering and commissioning her work to bring her uniquely spiritual experiences into their homes. She shares light, hope, and stories through her work and it has a lasting and impactful affect on others. It’s very fitting that she says a prayer at the beginning and end of a creation to ensure this happens in the most positive way.

Lucy has been nominated as best artisan for the 2020 Phoenix Magazine’s “Best of the Valley”. Her fine art paintings have been published multiple times in media, her work has received many awards and been exhibited nationally for over 14 years. Her combination gallery-studio (attached to her home) is also a host location each November for the prestigious Hidden in the Hills Open Studio Tour and Sale. Her work will be on display at the Oil Painters of America 29th National Juried Exhibition in Fredericksburg, Texas. Fourteen paintings can also be enjoyed at the Phoenix Zoo in their “Art on the Wild Side” exhibition through 2020, from her African safari experience. And Lucy’s original painting, Sonoran Rainbow, is part of the City of Glendale’s permanent collection.

Lucy and her husband, Richard, extensively travel the world (and close to home) giving her the opportunity to capture and recreate her experiences on canvas and in story. “That’s what I do and who I am,” she says. “A fine art storyteller.”

Lucy Dickens Fine Art        602-653-7002

Artist Statement

The elements in the environment—every leaf, animal, cloud—they, without question bend gently toward the light. So do I. It’s with this notion that I collaborate with my environment to bring these spectacular scenes in nature to canvas. I am so much a part of my paintings, that the paintbrush is more or less an extension of my heart and mind. And this collaboration of the elements, me included, combines to transform a simple piece of canvas into an experience to share.

This is my intention; to take in phenomenal scenes and express my gratitude for being part of it by painting landscapes, botanicals, and wildlife from around the world. I am merely a part of it. All this is the expression of love and beauty given to us by our creator and I’m honored to be able to recreate His masterful work in my paintings.

When I began to explore my talents, I was, well, a blank canvas ready to be transformed. To develop 

my work, the steps I took began before I knew I was taking them. First, I learned the possibilities of capturing the beauty of nature through the work of my parents—one a photographer and the other a watercolorist. As my gift of painting unfolded over the years, I studied great masters, especially the Hudson River Valley painters, such as Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church. The way they handled the atmosphere and light, a sense of the divine, draws me deeply and influences my work today. The classes and instruction at the Scottsdale Artists’ School, and other one on one instruction, including the guidance of Jason Horejs, of Xanadu Gallery, brought my work that much further, including embracing the fundamentals of the art business.

Another component that feeds into my work is the experience I share with each painting. Whether I’ve traveled halfway across the world or just outside my front door, I’m not only looking at every scene as a potential painting, but I’m stepping into the adventure and bringing back with me the thoughts, feelings, adventures, and experiences to share with others. They say ‘every picture tells a story,’ and I’m sharing this journey hoping to bring viewers along with me. I want them to become engaged and find the same joy in the moment I did when I first experienced it. I want to bring light, hope, beauty, and a sense of grace through my work and words.

All these elements are intentional and it’s how and why I create. It’s all a part of my daily life, of every moment. It is experiencing, capturing, and sharing these moments wherever they may be. Being able to gaze into a scene and renew and recharge from it, and then bring it to someone else is a gift from God I don’t take for granted. It’s one of the reasons I spend time in that gaze as I know it’s fleeting. The opportunity to experience and capture it will not last so I intentionally take it all in and then reach for my brushes to recreate the magic!

The enjoyment of painting, sharing, and storytelling is endless! Whether through art shows, representation, events, or publishings; to know that my work can land in front of so many eyes and engage the spirit of 
viewers means my work is not just for me. Each brushstroke is for someone else. Each story is me sharing 
the experience with them. It has been shared with me by God and the work I do is simply paying it forward.