Last Light – Giclee

“I’ve always said beauty is in the eye of the beholder… My mom started collecting art when I was in my early teens. There was this one frame that I was drawn to, it was gold and a silver/grey wood and had that “aged” look. Upon her passing my brother and I had to sort through her many keepsakes and I knew right away I was going to keep the frame and put a different picture in it.  Our guest bedroom is our “southwest” room which contains an original print, handmade basket and doll all from the Tohono O’odham tribe given to me by good friends I made many years ago.  We decided that a desert landscape would look best but needed to find the right one.  When you had your home show, I knew it would be an opportunity to get up close and personal and find that perfect piece for my frame.  I was drawn to “Last Light” as it reminded me of my hiking adventures shared over the years. I had to do a little convincing but my choice looks like it belongs in that silver and gold frame….and Rick agrees. Now I have a piece of my mom’s “beauty” and one of memories of fun times with family and friends.”


Auray Commission
Sonoran Poppies - Original

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