Lucy's Portfolios

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Browse through Lucy’s available originals, varying from the Southwest, Safari, and Mediterranean work.

Experiencing the Southwest

Take a walk with Lucy as she paints her way through the beauty of the southwest.

Experiencing the Southwest

Lucy ventured through Kenya and Tanzania, on safari, visiting five breathtaking preserves.

Safari Adventures

The soothing sound of ocean waves entrance, come away with me to the sea!

Call of the Sea

From Italy to Spain, explore the breathtaking Mediterranean Coast, amazing countryside, vibrant cities, and historic sites.

Portraits of Spain and Italy

Walk through the vibrant forest with me, red, yellow, and orange trees dancing on the breeze.

Autumn in Canada and New England

The stories of Scripture come to life on a spiritual journey through the Holy Lands.

Journey Through the Holy Lands

Paintings and commissions exploring new beautiful places.

Here and There