Sonoran Rainbow

Sonoran Rainbow has been accepted into the Glendale Arts Council 51st Annual Juried Art Exhibit. This painting was awarded 1st place in oil and has been purchased by the city of Glendale for their permanent [...]

Majestic Niagara #1

It feels SO great to be in my studio again starting a new painting. I've just completed my base under painting of Niagara Falls looking at it from the Canada side. I chose shades of [...]

Manarola Dreamin’ Final

First think I did was finish adjusting all the perspective lines on the buildings before jumping in to build up their layers, detailing and aging effect. I continued to strengthen the cliffs and the bridge [...]

Manarola Dreamin’ #4

Here I begin building up and defining many areas and make a point to move around the canvas as I work. I also need to check all the building perspective lines for accuracy before I [...]

Manarola Dreamin’ #3

My goal today before leaving town was to finish blocking in all the areas. I prefer to do this all quickly while the paint is still wet for soft edges and transitions.

Manarola Dreamin’ #2

In this stage I begin to block in the darkest darks, lightest lights and the areas in between. Notice how flat this is at first just working to establish grouping of color and light.

Manarola Dreamin’ #1

To start this painting I first primed the canvas with a glaze of Alizarin Crimson and then sketched the composition using paint, Cad orange. I like the unified glow that shows through a landscape with [...]

Come Away With Me – Final

I made a number of changes now, fixing the balconies and toning them down. I also faded the last couple buildings creating depth. I added much more brushwork to the water. Also I added more [...]

Come Away With Me #4

Now we are getting there! I really like how the buildings are coming along and specially the shape and movement of the water. I am not there yet but feeling pretty good about it. Except [...]

Come Away With Me #3

Now I finally have all the areas blocked in and can begin to develop each area further. I want to make sure that the painting does not look cut in half so next I will [...]

Come Away With Me #2

Here I am continuing to block in areas of the painting, including a base sky layer helping me to see what I have now. Next session I will block in the ocean and the remaining [...]

Come Away With Me #1

I chose this scene to paint next for the rich color and the emotional pull I felt as the waves lapped up against the shoreline. We had shared chocolate shakes sitting at one of these [...]

Kusadasi Port Final

On this final version I did not like the shape of the front boat so I modified it to have a square back. I also thought the boat peeking into the left corner was distracting [...]

Montorosso Dawn Final

You will see I added a lot more color and shape and texture to the background mountains along with adding additional mountain ranges. I also added clouds to the sky and pushed the highlights and darks. In [...]

Monterosso Dawn #3

Here I have further developed the water and mid range bank and buildings. I am unhappy with the sky and background mountains though. They will need more shape and form and texture.

Monterosso Dawn #2

I have started a rough block in today, mostly concentrating on large shapes and lights and darks

Monterosso Dawn #1

10-4-2010 Started the last painting in my Italy series this morning and thought I would give you a sneak peak. It is the Cinque Terre Village of Monterosso. I started by sketching with a thin [...]