Wait and See

Wait and See


A bobcat and two kittens have been hanging out in a tree on our property. I have watched them explore the roof and jump down into my yard for a drink. They play on my pool rock fountain and stroll lazily along the wall. Such sleek beauty as they calmly peruse and then lounge amongst the wildflowers. As I seek to observe them, both before and after visiting the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, I cannot help but be inspired to capture this experience on canvas.

Bobcats are common all throughout Arizona, especially in the Sonoran desert. They are often found in the outskirts of town searching for food and water. These majestic cats are nocturnal, so they are less likely to be seen during the day. Fortunately, mine have been active during the day as well, putting on a show for me.

Mama bobcat teaches me to be relaxed and confident, yet watchful and curious at the same time. I can seek to be still inside, to rest, and be aware of the situations around me without needing to be on “high alert”. So many times it’s not even necessary. To be “still and know” is instead, it’s a trusting in my soul knowing I have divine help and guidance always with me.

Custom Framed Original 18×24 SOLD

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 22×30 $410
Canvas Giclee-Standard 22×30 $390
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 18×24 $290
Canvas Giclee-Standard 24×18 $260
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 12×16 $170
Canvas Giclee-Standard 12×16 $145

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