Love in the Desert

Love in the Desert


Have you seen the rosy lovebirds throughout the surrounding areas in Phoenix? It was a beautiful surprise the first time I spotted these vibrant green birds with peachy orange faces, against the desert backdrop. In fact, they are a small parrot originally from Eastern Africa! They were a common caged bird introduced to our Arizona wildlife in the 80’s- either deliberately or accidentally. Fortunately, our hot and dry climate is like where they came from, so they were able to adapt and increase in numbers to a population of over two thousand!

I used to only see them cozying up, especially in the date palms, within the Phoenix area. However, in recent years they have spread to Cave Creek and Carefree enjoying the Palo Verde trees and hollowed out Saguaros. This is the only known population to have established in the United States. 

These little ones are affectionate, social, and live in flocks. Not to mention they mate for life and have a chosen partner as early as a few months old – wow! Lovebirds surely live up to their name, as they are well known for their romantic behaviors. It’s no wonder they’ve become an iconic symbol for love, affection, commitment, and devotion. What a beautiful gift to enjoy them here in our desert. 

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