The Desert Cottontail are plentiful in our Sonoran desert. I enjoy observing many in my yards and while traversing our neighborhood or out for a scenic hike.

According to Jeff Schalau of the University of Arizona, cottontails generally spend their entire lives in an area of 10 acres or less. They are most active evenings through mornings. During cold weather, they use natural cavities and burrows for their dens. Otherwise, cottontail rabbits seek cover and protection in brush piles and landscaped backyards with suitable cover.

Desert Cottontails rarely need to drink, instead they get water mostly from the plants they eat or from dew. Their bodies are made for the desert with their light-colored fur to minimize the absorption of solar heat. Their large and paper thin ears have blood vessels that radiate body heat into the air. As their ears catch the sunlight just right, the light shining through glows, making them ear-resistible!

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