Vibrant Amaryllis

Vibrant Amaryllis


Vibrant Amaryllis blooms are often thought of as a Christmas flower because it is commonly gifted at this time. They seemed exotic to me, originating in tropical lands like the Caribbean or islands in the South Seas. Today she can be found almost anywhere, but who knew they would grow so well in the desert?! Many years ago, I was gifted these wonderful bulbs and planted them under a Mesquite tree with drip lines for plentiful water. Each year they send out more and more magnificent blooms reaching high into the sky, such a stunning gift. 

According to Greek mythology, the amaryllis originated with the love that the Greek maiden Amaryllis had for the shepherd Alteo. A strong, handsome man with a passion for flowers, Alteo was desired by many women. To win his affections, she stood outside his home for thirty nights, repeatedly piercing her heart with a golden arrow. On the last night, a flower sprung from her blood and then won over Alteo’s heart. Of course, the Amaryllis has come to symbolize love, beauty, passion, and strength.

Custom Framed Original 12×9  SOLD

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