The Joy of Spring

The Joy of Spring


Flowers just make me want to smile, my heart warms and joy blossoms within me as everything becomes new once again. The Quail and their chicks emerge scattering here and there. So much new life surrounds me. The California poppies are a favorite of mine and this spring I was off in search of them.

My husband and I packed a delicious lunch, jumped in the jeep and went for a hike. We then ventured over to Bartlett lake on the hunt for poppies. What did my eyes see? White poppies were interspersed here and there among the gold. I’d never seen white ones before, they seemed such a rare treat and I knew I must paint them. Returning and doing a little research, I learned they were a rare albino California poppy and this was one of the few places that you can find them. I love this about exploring…you never know what treasure you might find. Step outside with the searching heart of a child on Christmas morning. I promise…exploring with this heart space will never let you down!

Custom Framed Original  SOLD

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 36×60 $1,165
Canvas Giclee-Standard 36×60 $1,125
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 30×50 $855
Canvas Giclee-Standard 30×50 $835
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 18×30 $375
Canvas Giclee-Standard 18×30 $345

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