Shades of Winter

Shades of Winter


Can you step to the edge of the Grand Canyon and peer out over its vastness and not be awestruck? I know as I stood gazing upon this incomprehensible canyon vista it took my breath away, an experience I would never forget. Sheer cliffs dropped before me as far as the eye could see in layer after layer of deeply colored layers of rock. As your eyes explore you may catch a glimpse of the Colorado River below which has been the carving force throughout this 277 mile long canyon. It has taken over 6 million years to carve this canyon, now approximately 6000 feet deep and still it is changing with the force of water below. Switchback trails will take you to the bottom for those most adventurous. This has been on my bucket list for some time, hopefully not much longer and I will be able to cross this one off!

On this trip to explore the canyon our family and life-long friends road the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon through some of the most picturesque country you can find. We celebrated winter birthdays on this special trip, with the view before us the greatest gift. For the first time I was seeing the canyon blanketed in snow, such a different experience than my earlier summer trips. There was something magical about the crisp clean air and the contrast of the white snow with its cool shadows against the deep shades of the red canyon walls. Exploring Arizona would not be complete without a journey north to experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon with your own eyes!

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