The magic of Radiance was captured recently during a drive home from our cabin on the Mogollon Rim, almost to Camp Verde. It stormed most of the weekend with powerful lightening and rain. I love to sit on the deck and watch the storms roll in, listen to the thunder rumble and the rain dance through the trees. The smell of pine after a storm is just heavenly. It’s always hard to leave the cabin and as we did the rain started again. We drove further and further down the mountain and after a time the rain stopped and the clouds began to part. The sun started to break through the clouds shooting vibrant rays all around. I was mesmerized watching all this evolve and could not take my eyes off the sky. Finally I could take it no longer. “Can you please pull over?” I asked, “I have to capture this!” The road was winding yet he quickly found just the spot to pull over as I jumped out of the car and ran out into the field. The joy I felt in this moment was indescribable, such beauty and grandeur. It reminds me of the heavenly gifts that God brings to us but we take for granted.

As in life, the storms always come. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the darkness, our eyes fixed on the circumstances around us. We forget that the storms are necessary, without them we would not have the healing rains that nourish us and the new growth that shapes us as a result. The storms always pass, the clouds break and the sun shines powerfully once again. There is always a silver lining, hold onto it and never let go.

Custom Framed Original   SOLD

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