Morning Adventure

Morning Adventure


Setting out this crisp, beautiful morning in search of wildflowers, I experienced a little more adventure than I bargained for! Driving near Bartlett Lake, I spotted this beautiful scene in the distance. Quickly pulling over, I grabbed my camera and headed out. There was no trail where I wanted to go, so being mindful of my step, I began climbing the mountain before me. Taking in all the beautiful sights and sounds, I paused often to photograph what captured me. I loved the way the soft, golden, poppies contrasted against the boulders and cool mountain shadows.

After a long exploration, I returned to my truck completely fulfilled…only to find I no longer had my key fob. No! Finding I had no cell service, I began retracing my steps, slowly searching, up and over the mountain once again. At the top, I called my husband at work and a nearby friend and put them on alert. Searching all the way back to the truck, I came up empty. Needing to climb the mountain again to call for rescue, I searched the mountain a third time. Upon returning, my girlfriends arrived, “Surely with three of us we can find it!” Up the mountain I went for the fourth time and returned. We never did find the key, but I have quite the story to tell and am ever thankful for great girlfriends!

Custom Framed Original 30×40  SOLD

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 30×40 $720

Canvas Giclee-Standard 30×40 $685

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 22×28 $415

Canvas Giclee-Standard 22×28 $390

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 18×24 $320

Canvas Giclee-Standard 18×24 $290

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