Little Giant

Little Giant


I had seen these beauties only in photos, teasing me. Finally this spring, I asked my landscaper to find me a great one for a prominent spot in my back yard, far from the reach of the Javelinas. She explained to me they were a hybrid Argentine Giant. I have enjoyed many of the white blooming ones and even a yellow one for some time now and was excited to bring this vibrant beauty into my collection.

When she arrived, she was in glorious full bloom and I knew I had to capture her before they were gone. See, these cactus reach full bloom in the middle of the night and they last less than a day. Such fleeting beauty they are.

I then painted “Little Giants” during a demo at the American Alliance of Museums convention, at the Phoenix Convention Center. I was one of 16 juried artists participating.

Original Custom Framed   SOLD

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