I See You!

I See You!


The first time I experienced Cardinals in the desert was such an unexpected surprise. Moving to Carefree, Arizona, we found a male and female pair would frequent our backyard each year. They mate for life, you know. My sweet friend, Ellie, and I have spent countless hours watching and photographing them in the trees. What a beautiful site catching him nestled in my blooming Palo Verde tree, against the profuse yellow green flowers. “I see you!”, he seemed to say.

The Cardinal, in Christian tradition, represent the eternal nature of our soul and the sacrifice of Christ. It is also known for representing celebration, hope, health, and joy. Many believe it is a spiritual messenger, symbolizing a loved one who has passed who wishes to let you know that they are still around to watch over you. They usually show up when need them the most or miss them. Wherever the truth lies, they are truly a gift.

Custom Framed Original   SOLD

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrap 16×20 $290

Canvas Giclee-Standard 16×20 $260

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrap 12×16 $185

Canvas Giclee-Standard 12×16 $155

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