Desert Snow | Lucy Dickens Fine Art

Desert Snow

It’s not often we have the pleasure of witnessing fresh snow blanketing the desert floor, what a gift it is when we do! After a record-breaking snowfall, I ventured out to explore this Sonoran winter wonderland. The crisp air was exhilarating, as the snow crunched underfoot. The moon in the distance beckoned me forward, enjoying this snow-covered sentinel, along the way. Further and further I explored, thoroughly enjoying this silent and beautiful snowscape. 

Custom Framed Original 20×16 SOLD

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrap 20×24 $255
Canvas Giclee-Standard 20×24 $235
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrap 16×20 $185
Canvas Giclee-Standard 16×20 $175
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrap 12×16 $140
Canvas Giclee-Standard 12×16 $120