Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis


Like water in the desert is wisdom to the soul.”
∼Edward Counsel

Spring comes to the desert once again as the desert floor is transformed into a kaleidoscope of colorful rich blooms. Precious rains give way to new life soaking deeply into parched lands and filling our desert lakes. How treasured water is here in these dry places, a reprieve, bringing refreshment and joy!

In searching for a quote for this painting I stumbled across the one above. True wisdom, Godly wisdom, is as refreshing and nourishing to the soul as water in the desert. Knowledge and wisdom are different. Wisdom is experiential and filled with discernment from above. God calls us to seek wisdom and she will protect and watch over us, guide and comfort us. When we seek wisdom and discernment with all our hearts, in the desert times of our lives, this prayer will be answered we will receive this special and treasured gift.

Custom Framed Original 40×24 $5,410

Giclee Print Gallery Wrapped 40×24 $600

Giclee Print Standard 40×24 $570

Giclee Print Gallery Wrapped 30×18 $375

Giclee Print Standard 30×18 $345

Giclee Print Gallery Wrapped 20×12 $225

Giclee Print Standard 20×12 $190

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