Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming


Exploring the wilderness around me is one of my very favorite things to experience. There is just something about stepping out, being surrounded by nature that calms me, feeds my soul. We spend a lot of time exploring around our cabin on the Mogollon Rim. I am always on the hunt for turning leaves in the fall. Our forests are mostly pine trees, primarily Ponderosa.

Last fall we headed out in the jeep along the rim forest roads searching. Deep in a ravine we spotted some vibrant red oranges peeking through all the green pine trees. Parking, we grabbed our picnic lunch and headed out on foot. Lower and lower we climbed through the trees, twigs crunching under foot,  until we were fully immersed in a grove of Maple trees! Now for those of you from other areas for the country, these are not so commonly found in Arizona, what a treat! Among the bed of leaves we spread out our picnic blanket, out came the assorted meats and cheeses, and glass of white wine to toast the afternoon. Now to lay back on the blanket and just watch the leaves dance overhead. I could do this all day. Such vibrancy against the bright blue mountain sky. Leaves flutter down, carried on the breeze. Not another soul in sight, only the deer we spot coming down slowly through the ravine, and of course the glorious birds and their serenade

Custom Framed Original 30×36   $5,830

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