Crested Love

Crested Love


Crested Love is a special commission for Joshua and Nicole. “I have had a love for crested saguaro since I was a kid. Often on trips around the state I would look out the window trying to find one. I have spotted 3 down near the border of Mexico, off the 87. This one is special to me because I showed it to Nicole and she fell in love with it too.” Joshua

A crested Saguaro is a rare gift to behold. A mutation happens that causes the cells in the growing stem to begin to divide outward as opposed the circular pattern they usually grow in. This typically causes a fan shaped crown to develop. The cause is unknown, yet there is much speculation as to what triggers this event. The most common theories are that it is due to frost or lightning. Some believe it is a hormone issue causing the pleats to grow out of control.  Due to their bizarre features and rarity, they are coveted by cactus lovers and adventurers. This mystery of nature is quite a sight to behold!

Custom Framed Original 16×12, Commission

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