Beautiful Surprise

Beautiful Surprise


When you walk outside are you expectant? Do you take the time to be observant of the vibrant world around you? I know I forget, often rushing here, rushing there. How busy life has become and yet creation still surrounds us, always changing and renewing. I remind myself… slow… pay attention… be alive in this moment. What mysteries are there to be found, what beauties to behold if we only look for it? You never know what you may find, brightening your day!

My husband, daughters, and I enjoyed the Phoenix Zoo this past spring. It had been so many years since we had this adventure. How fun to enjoy the beautiful day, amazing animals, and the fellowship of family. Along the path and tucked away hidden in the rocks my gaze caught sight of this stunning gift, these awesome blooms. Beautiful Surprise I call her; may she be a reminder to look for the beauty in this world with a grateful heart.

Custom Framed Original  SOLD

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