“Advice from an owl-stay focused, be who you are, trust in a wise friend, live off the land, glide through the dark times, be observant, because life’s a hoot!” – Ilan Shamir

Spring emerges throughout the desert, cold nights have given way to warm afternoons. Flowers burst forth dancing on the breeze, beckoning me forward in exploration. Burrowing owls with their watchful eyes are not missing a thing. These owls are active during the daylight hours, enjoying the grasslands and living in the abandoned burrows of ground squirrels or other mammals.

We can learn a lot from owls and the way they observe their surroundings, aware and always in the present. They adapt to their environment and are never afraid of the darkness. Like owls, we can seek to understand the world around us gaining wisdom and knowledge. Yet, let’s not take life too seriously, trusting in the mystery and enjoying the journey!

I am thankful to the Phoenix zoo for the opportunity to study these beauties up close and personal.

Custom Framed Original 40×24 SOLD

Giclee Print Gallery Wrapped 40×24 $560
Giclee Print Standard 40×24 $540
Giclee Print Gallery Wrapped 30×18 $360
Giclee Print Standard 30×18 $320
Giclee Print Gallery Wrapped 20×12 $215
Giclee Print Standard 20×12 $180

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