Nature’s Symphony

Nature’s Symphony


Hiking Havasu Falls has truly been a trip of a lifetime. On my “bucket list” for several years, finally it was time! Training began months before to build up my strength and endurance. It’s about an eight mile hike from the Hualapai Hilltop down to Supai Village where we stayed. It then was close to ten miles, each way, the following day to reach Beaver Falls. The trek between Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls is fairly rough, and involves multiple creek crossings. You also need to descend to the base of Mooney Falls, which is a steep climb with ladders and chains.

Beaver Falls is a series of spectacular cascading pools over limestone terraces as Havasu Creek meanders. Though not as tall as the previous falls they are no less stunning. To me, they felt more intimate and quieter, a delight to the senses, partly because not many hike this far out. From this vantage point the yellow green leaves were reflecting so beautifully below as the water gently cascaded over the travertine terraces, entrancing me. My eyes traveled endlessly watching this incredible scenery and the constant movement of glistening water dancing before me. These crystal clear, aqua blue, swimming holes beckoned us in. What an incredible experience despite the cold water!

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