Vibrant Togetherness

Vibrant Togetherness


Our visit to Barcelona happened to be during La Mercè, a grand festival that lasts for around 5 days. This officially took place in 1902 in honor of Mare de Deu de la Mercè, the Patron Saint of Barcelona. The festival says goodbye to summer and welcomes in the cooler months of autumn. Each day and night is filled with events, parades, fire runs, and more!

On this day we headed to Parc de la Ciutadella on the northeastern edge of Barcelona. This park used to be the city’s only green space. The 70 acre grounds include the zoo, Parliament of Catalonia, a lake, a large fountain, and a museum along with large rolling grass areas and flowers. Many tents were set up for wine and food tasting and family activities. After strolling around the lake we came upon this beautiful and vibrant area across a sea of red flowers. How inviting and welcoming the colorful umbrellas were, calling us in. What a beautiful day sharing in each other’s company.

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