Play Time!

Play Time!


There are many wonderful hiking and biking trails here in Arizona, where we tend to live outdoors most of the year. We are fortunate to have plenty of picturesque ones close to home, the perfect invitation for the adventurer in us. Beginning our hike in the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation area, we meandered along Cave Creek. This spring adventure was after a wonderfully wet winter, so there was water here at this time and wildflowers and green grasses were abounding along the trail. This year has been so different with our drought and the creek bed is dry. But on this wonderful day, we enjoyed all the lush desert had to offer. Continuing on the trail, just above the conservatory and into the Tonto National Forest, we came upon this beautiful scene, including a swimming hole at the far end. What a refreshing and inviting playground, beckoning us to cool off and enjoy a wonderful picnic, surrounded by great friends, laughter, and conversation.

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