Nature's Rhythm | Lucy Dickens Fine Art

Nature’s Rhythm

Vacationing in beautiful Greer, Arizona, we spent many lazy afternoons on the banks of the Little Colorado River. These waters originate at Mt. Baldy, and meander through the White Mountains. I remember being captivated by the wonder in front of me; these crystal-clear pools and cascading waterfalls. I felt such awe as I gazed upon vibrant green grasses, towering pine trees, and heard the music; the rhythm of birdsong. The breeze through the needles and the rushing of the pristine water over the rocks was delightful.

What a healing place, one to sooth the soul and refill the tanks. No one can stay here and not be touched by the magic surrounding you. I walked across the field of grass, to stand on the bridge before me. Inhaling deeply, the sweet smell of pine filled me and a calm transcended. It is here, taking in beauty in a state of gratitude, that peace and calm fills my spirit.

Available at Xanadu Gallery Pinetop, 1450 E. White Mountain Blvd.

Pinetop, AZ  480.283.5029

Custom Framed Original 24×30 $3460

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 24×30 $335
Canvas Giclee-Standard 24×30 $300
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 20×24 $240
Canvas Giclee-Standard 20×24 $215
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 20×16 $175
Canvas Giclee-Standard 20×16 $160