Mystic Snapdragons

Mystic Snapdragons


Snapdragons immediately take me back to my childhood. Mom used to plant them every year in a variety of vibrant colors. I remember the first day she gently squeezed the sides of the flower to see the mouth of the “dragon” open and close. Excitement and wonder grew within me as my imagination ran wild. As I had my own daughters, I shared this treasure with them as well, sound effects and all, each responding in a similar way. To this day, I can hardly resist opening the dragon’s mouth. It amazes me how many people I have shown this to have never seen it before. Is that you? Ah, you must hunt down a Snapdragon and experience it yourself. You cannot help but smile!

This spring, as with all the flowers in my yard, my Snapdragons bloomed profusely reaching for the sky. I loved the contrast of these beauties against the Saguaro cactus standing tall just behind. Snapdragons symbolize strength for their ability to grow in difficult places, and grace as they stand tall and proud even against the wind. These gorgeous blooms can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire and over time spread throughout the world.

Custom Framed Original 16×12  SOLD

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