Hangin’ Out

Hangin’ Out


Setting out on safari hoping to see all of the “big five” was exhilarating. Often, it is the leopard that is missed, as they blend into the blotched light and shadow of the tree’s canopy all too well. Guides scan the trees looking for a telltale sign, a dangling tail or even legs. Thankfully, we had a few leopard sightings because of this! These magnificent cats spend most of their time up in the trees, even hunting from them as well. Often, they will drag their large prey up there for protection. We actually witnessed this while in the Serengeti, what an amazing site!

Leopards are solitary cats and they guard their territory heavily against members of the same sex. They have few natural enemies, and their skill in climbing trees offers protection from most lions. Watching these elegant creatures, I could not help thinking about what they symbolize; strength, confidence, power, swiftness, intelligence, and beauty. What a gift to behold.

Custom Framed Original 16×12 $1,445

Lucy’s Safari Adventures series was unveiled at the Phoenix Zoo’s, “Art on the Wild Side” exhibition in 2020.

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