Golden Crown | Lucy Dickens Fine Art

Golden Crown

The Grey Crowned Crane, also known as the Golden Crested Crane, can often be found in the marshes and grassy flatlands of Kenya and Uganda. These gorgeous birds can reach three feet tall with a six-foot wingspan. They tend not to migrate, preferring to enjoy their habitat throughout the year. His golden crown and matching feathers, along with his light grey to black feathers were a striking contrast to the waterscape he thrives in. 

Custom Framed original 16×20 $2325

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Warp 24×20 $240
Canvas Giclee-Standard 24×20 $215
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrap 20×16 $175
Canvas Giclee-Standard 20×16 $160
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrap 16×12 $130
Canvas Giclee-Standard 16×12 $110

Lucy’s Safari Adventures series was unveiled at the Phoenix Zoo’s, “Art on the Wild Side” exhibition in 2020.