Blooming Nantucket

Blooming Nantucket


I received a wonderful invite, from Family Life, to a ladies event in Nantucket recently. How could this desert girl say no? I had never explored this area of the country before and was looking forward to spending time with these lovely ladies! Beauty surrounded me as I stepped on the island, I felt as if I had stepped back in time. Hydrangeas and roses as far as the eye could see and in peak bloom were contrasting against the signature wood shingles and aged stone. Each time I walked into the heart of Nantucket, I passed this beautiful home with rustic steps beckoning me in. Oh how I wished I could follow them into this stunning garden!

We explored the island, hand picked a bouquet from a flower farm, went on a historic schooner excursion, and enjoyed a history tour. My husband then joined me for a few wonderful days as well. What a special memory filled with beauty, relationship, and faith.

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