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Collector Feedback

When we first “discovered” Lucy’s wonderful art, it was based on a few images on the “Hidden in the Hills” website a few years ago. After we saw her work in her studio, we were both mesmerized by the beautiful images but the best was yet to come.

We’ve been collecting local artists’ works since 1968 and have a particular interest in realism depicting nature. Lucy is able to capture both the beauty and the spirit of our beautiful surroundings both here in Arizona and abroad. Her stories accompanying the art pieces she creates are of particular interest to me being an English Lit major, poet, and teacher. Knowing the story behind the creative process makes a piece even more memorable and special. The artist’s view of the world is unique unto each artist and it isn’t often that collectors get to know the inspiration and insight behind each piece.  Each viewer brings their own perspective to a work of art and my husband and I both feel we’ve found a “kindred spirit” in Lucy Dickens both as storyteller and artist.

Linda & Don Kesner

Lucy has an incredible ability to transfer scenes of beauty onto canvas. With a sensitive spirit and eye for detail Lucy’s paintings come alive, giving you a feeling of being transported to that very setting. Being a woman of deep spiritual conviction, Lucy has a heart for the purchasers of her artwork even to the point of sending prayer up for each person that obtains one of her masterful creations.

Lucy has added true beauty to our home! Debbie Blanchard

Dear Lucy,

Oh my goodness.. I am so glad you posted that letter to India Arie a couple of years ago.
In searching for her, I found you.. and the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen in my life.
It truly is otherworldly, and so obviously done in a state of alignment with God.
I can literally feel my heart opening as I gaze at your paintings. Absolutely incredible.
I look forward to the day (soon!) when I am able to welcome some of your paintings into my home.


First, since the very first time I saw your work I was blown away. When I look at your paintings I’m inspired . . . from an artistic viewpoint they are phenomenal. But it is not the artistic value that draws my attention; it is how they make me feel. I love the outdoors, the scenery, the nature. I see God’s fingerprints all over these things and over the years I have come to appreciate what he has given to us more and more. Your paintings not only capture the essence of that appreciation, they showcase it. When you couple that with the way you tell a story to describe the paintings, include God’s influence and presence and the passion that you put into your work it touches my heart, not just my eyes and head! That makes you unique in my book. God has guided that uniqueness and will continue to do so if that meets his plan for you. I pray that he will give you peace in knowing that you use your talents to glorify him. Don’t ever minimize the effect your paintings have on people.

Bob Rietdorf

I just wanted to drop you a note and give you my reaction to “Gethsemane -Your Will”. Once again, you have filled in the empty spaces for me as you did in “Praying Over Jerusalem”. I stood, physically, in the Garden of Gethsemane, as we all did. I marveled at the ancient trees __ the beauty, the history. I found it to be an inspirational, somber, yet festive place (The great weather, the tourists, my friends). Emotionally, those moments there and at the Rock of Agony touched my heart. I stood where my Savior stood! What right did I have to even set foot in that garden? He did so much for me and I brought so little to him. The ground was sacred. It took your painting to allow me to finally feel those moments spiritually, and for me that was the missing part. When I thought of the Garden and its meaning in the past it was always with a degree of sadness, a sense of doom. “Your Will” portrays that feeling, the darkness, the loneliness, a sense of horrible things to come. Your portrayal of Jesus is perfect, it almost allows me to hear the words “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will”. This was the moment that Jesus committed himself to die for my sins, my salvation, and my eternal life! It fills my soul with hope __ your painting puts in my eyes what my head always tried to, but never could visualize. The painting captures it all. The divine light, the path to heaven, the sacrifice He made for me, the darkness, the loneliness ___ it’s all right there on canvas. Thanks for completing the picture for me Lucy, I’m sure it will have a profound effect on all who are privileged enough to see it.


We picked up the painting yesterday from the frame store (it’s incredible) and the lady said you had been in the day before but didn’t know if you had seen it framed or not. So I helped her to stand up on the counter and take a picture while we had it unwrapped on the counter. She said she would share it with you.] Your message was powerful, touching, and it does deliver comfort and hope. Thank you. And we love the quote, so much in fact that we plan on displaying it (maybe on an enlarged lengthy paper in a nice script font, something like that, we’ll see) at the cabin. You’re are a wonderful person with an amazing talent and I do not think it just chance that our paths have crossed in this manner.

Best wishes. Doug and Linda

WOW – WOW – WOW!!!! What fabulous work you have done… I’m really awestruck with the beauty of your work and the intricacy of detail… what stood out to me most was the sense that I was there in all of your paintings… standing looking out at the scene you so captured on canvas… and those are just email pics and not the real thing… I can’t wait to see them at the gallery… You are FANTASTIC! Beyond INCREDIBLE Lissa Cuellar


I sent your web address to a longtime friend, Dale Kesel, who happens to be an amazing photographer of Southwest scenes. He sent back this comment ~ with permission to share with you~

Hello Linda,

Lucy’s work is beautiful. I particularly like the winter images shown on her Bio Page. Above the image of the sun coming through the pine trees with a blanket of snow on the ground, the text talks to her spiritual love of nature which is captured and
expressed through her paintings of the special places that you will only find in Arizona.

I think this is what draws viewers to her work. It’s the spiritual connection to “what is out there to be seen” if one will just take the time and make the effort. If buyers are unable to see it for themselves, they can enjoy it through her paintings.

Thank you for sharing her work with me.

We received our painting in time for Christmas so again thank you for your help with that. I absolutely love it, every time I look at it I feel like I could just step inside and sit on that bench. I love it because it reminds me of another bench in another place, beside the pond in which my dad loved to fish. I would take him a single yellow rose, his favorite flower, and just sit awhile… so again, thank you,


I decided I’m giving the Gift of Family print to my Stepmother. She has lost two sons (one just recently) and is having a difficult time this holiday season. With losing my older son 4 years ago I can relate to her loss but know my son is in a great place and we’ll see him some day :) . She talks frequently about the empty chairs our kids have left behind and I tell her how grateful I am to have had my son for 26 years and she should remember all the fishing trips the families went on and all the fun times everyone had, it makes it easier. Just maybe the boys(men) are all hanging out at the lake in your pic, who knows? I think she will love it and understand!


Lucy, You message and painting brought tears to my eyes. I needed to hear this so thank you. With all that has transpired in the past six months, giving the business back and now facing a law suit, the possibility of losing it all now and facing this all on my own, hope is something that I thought I had lost. I don’t have the money to buy this picture but I will keep it on my computer to remind me that there is here is hope. Thank you. Adrienne

Lucy ,

As always your painting and words are very inspirational. The painting for your uncle Mike was beautiful, I am not sure how much you know that your words are really part of the impact of your work. They are so open and free and not holding back. I personally can feel the raw emotion from your experiences and I thank you for sharing. I have personally been through many sudden deaths and it’s very hard.

Your most recent newsletter was so touching, honest and amazing! You SO more-than-adequately put into words your roller coaster ride. I had a similar “needy” experience not too long ago, and felt exactly like you – praying and reading, along with getting grief from family members to “buck” up, suck it up, etc. Your words helped me realize it was (and IS) okay to experience/acknowledge those feelings. I am saving your article to reference when I need inspiration. Not only are you blessed with talent to paint, but also to write.

Diane Hohmann