Desert Embrace | Lucy Dickens Fine Art

Desert Embrace

Desert Embrace was inspired by a weekend trip down to Tucson as we explored the San Xavier del Bac Mission, Tubac, and enjoyed one of the best concerts we have ever experienced. The morning after we arrived, we set out exploring the hiking trails throughout the Tucson Mountains, winding our way through desert washes and around rocky mountains filled with saguaros and wildlife. Our journey brought us to the old Bowen homestead ruins, still partially intact, where we learned a bit about Tucson’s history and the Bowen family that lived deep in the desert there during the 1930’s and 40’s.

Along this trail I was captivated by these two Saguaro’s locked in an embrace, standing the test of time and nature for generations. How long have they been this way, beautiful and strong yet worn and weathered? As I began to paint I pondered our relationships with one another, sometimes it is tough or “prickly” to stand together united, embracing one another through all the ups and downs, through life’s celebrations and the storms. And yet it is this choosing to hold on, to stand firm in one another, to embrace where we have the opportunity to grow stronger, taller… as one…protecting one another and reaching for the sky.

Custom Framed Original 16×20 SOLD