Myrna Commission

Myrna Commission


Mike and Myrna found me through the Hidden in the Hills Open Studio tour and since collected a couple pieces. Not long ago Mike sent me such a great photo Myrna had taken from their backyard just after the rains stopped. He was interested in a surprise commission for her birthday, how exciting to play a part!

Upon receiving the painting Myrna shared with me, “It was last May just after we had a really strong rain. The air was fresh but still heavy, the storm clouds still in the distance. I glanced outside to see if there was a rainbow, only to find something perched on the saguaro…then another flew in and another. The hawks were searching the desert for dinner, how great to observe them on the hunt. The painting captures the feeling of that moment just after the rain. Lucy, what a great surprise! I love the painting, so beautiful. Thank you.” Myrna

Commission SOLD

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