Pretty in Pink – Lucy Dickens Fine Art

Pretty in Pink

Out on safari, across the vast savannah, colorful flamingos mingled on the water’s edge. Viewing these gorgeous birds, a sense of beauty, grace, and balance come to mind, and don’t I always want more of these in my life? Flamingo comes from the Latin word for flame, a beautiful description of their pink, coral, and red feathers. Their radiant coloring comes from the beta carotene found in their diet. 

I’ve learned they flash their black feathers as a way of communicating. What was the conversation here, I wonder? These majestic birds are the Lesser flamingo, the smallest, yet most numerous species found in the salty lakes and lagoons of southern Africa. Some colonies of these flamingos can contain over a million birds, what an incredible sight to behold!

Original oil painting available, just not quite yet. I have been invited to unveil my entire safari series, as a collection, at an amazing venue in February. Details coming soon!

Custom Framed Original 36×18 $3800