Midday Stroll – Lucy Dickens Fine Art

Midday Stroll

The watering hole is where the magic happens. Elephants have an uncanny ability to sense and locate watering holes from a great distance across the savannah, and an excellent memory to find their way back to it as well. Elephants are gentle, expressive, and incredibly intelligent, they are extremely social and tend to live in large groups. Having the opportunity to witness many of these wondrous creatures in their natural habitat, throughout Kenya and Tanzania, was truly a gift. The love and compassion between mother and child could not be denied. I could watch these two stroll along the waters edge all day!

Custom Framed original 16×20 $2325

Original oil painting available, just not quite yet. I have been invited to unveil my entire safari series, as a collection, at an amazing venue in February. Details coming soon!