Gentle Giants – Lucy Dickens Fine Art

Gentle Giants

Encountering these gentle giants, while on safari in Kenya, was a truly unforgettable experience.

Reticulated Giraffes stand up to 20 feet tall and are always scanning the horizon. They have excellent vision and can see for great distances, in color, and with a wide angled vision, essentially seeing behind themselves as well.

This is often why the symbolism of giraffes challenge us to rise above our circumstances and see way into the horizon before us. This vision sees that what we do today creates our tomorrow, it sees potential trouble on the horizon and adjusts accordingly.

Are we looking to the big picture and at the same time being present and truly aware of our surroundings? These stately and grand creatures encourage us to always reach for the sky, to experience nature fully, and to observe all that is around us. 

Custom Framed Original Oil Painting 36×24 $3240

Original oil painting available just not quite yet. I have been invited to unveil my entire new safari series, as a collection, at an amazing venue when complete! Details coming soon, please inquire!