During this Monsoon season my husband and I ventured back to our cabin with some new found friends. Every afternoon the rains came, great and wonderful thunderstorms blanketing the woods. The forest floor had to be the wettest and greenest I have ever seen. Of course these storms did not hinder our exploration of this wild wilderness! During our excursions through the woods we came across mushrooms of every size, shape, and color everywhere! In all of the years we have spent up on the Rim, I have never experienced this before. I felt like Alice in Wonderland in a land full magic and mystery. I went back up the very next weekend and almost all of the mushrooms were gone. We must have been there just at the right moment to catch a glimpse of this rare gift of beauty. I returned home excited to capture two new miniatures titled Wonderland and Magic.

Gallery Wrapped Original 8×8 $175