As the suns sinks lower in the late August sky, the storms begin to build and roll into the valley. Monsoon season is one of my favorite times of year in Arizona, odd as this may sound. During these times as the storms brew and the dust gently hangs in the sky we have the opportunity to experience the most magnificent sunsets. In all my travels I have never seen sunsets surpass those of my own backyard. The vibrancy of color from brilliant oranges, yellows, purples and pinks against our clear blue-green skies are a wonderful sight to see. As the clouds build they create an incredible backdrop for the light to reflect on and dance through creating an ever changing tapestry of color and texture, delighting the senses. I stand mesmerized as the thunderheads build seemingly straight up and cannot take my eyes from them until all light is gone. Such beauty and grandeur yet so powerful and such a potentially destructive force before your very eyes. I have always loved the storms, even after the beautiful kaleidoscope of color and light is blocked and the thunder rolls. There is something so exciting to me watching the lighting display and hearing the thunder roll through the clouds. Maybe I should fear it but I cannot. I remember as a child sitting out under the porch with my dog Duchess, both of us bundled up in a blanket, as the storms raged on… “crack, boom”. For some reason the wall behind my back and the patio cover over my head made me feel safe, protected while I watched. As the lighting strikes the silver outlines the trees and mountains before me giving just a moment’s glimpse into the darkness. If only we could remember in each of our own life storms that they are temporary and serve a purpose, then just maybe we can be thankful for the dark times appreciating the light and beauty to come, the sun to shine once again, so much more than before.

Custom Framed original 20×24 $1545

Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 20×24 $185
Canvas Giclee-Standard 20×24 $170
Canvas Giclee-Gallery Wrapped 16×20 $140
Canvas Giclee-Standard 16×20 $128