JoyofSpringWebThe Joy of Spring 36×60
Beauty in the Beast 16×12

SpringCallsSpring Calls

WhereFlowersBloom.sRGBWhere Flowers Bloom 12×16 GoldilocksRGBGoldilocks 18×14  

TooHotToHandleToo Hot to Handle!

Pinnacle Peak Commission


Beautiful Surprise 14x11 Sold

Beautiful Surprise 14x11 SOLD

Grace 10×8

Morning Song 30x40
Morning Song 30×40
By the Light of the Moon 36x24
By the Light of the Moon 24×36
Peace 10x8
Peace 10×8
Love 10x8
Love 10x8 SOLD
Joy 10x8
Joy 10x8 SOLD
Bloom Where You Are 36x24
Bloom Where
you are 24×36
SOLD Prints Available
Silence 30x40
Silence 30×40
Whileaway 36×48

Sonoran Giant
Prints Available
Live, Laugh, Bloom
Live, Laugh, Bloom 24x20 SOLD Prints Available

Desert Morn 1 & 2 12x36 SOLD Prints Available
Canyon Glow 12x9 SOLD 
Reach for the Sky 36x24
Reach for the Sky 24x36 SOLD Prints Available
Sonoran Poppies 20x16
Sonoran Poppies 16x20 SOLD Prints Available

Hello Sunshine! 30×48
SOLD Prints Available

Poppy Season! 16×20
SOLD Prints Available
Firelight 12x16

Firelight 12x16 SOLD


Morning Hike

MK Commission
MK Commission
Last Light 22x28
Last Light 22x28 SOLD Prints Available
Hiking Spur Cross 30x24
Hiking Spur Cross
30x24 SOLD
Prints Available
Joyful 24x18 SOLD Prints Available
Fiery Blooms 1
Fiery Blooms 1 8x8 SOLD
Fiery Blooms 2
Fiery Blooms 2
8x8 SOLD
Desert Gardens 36×18 SOLD Prints Available
Abundance 20x16
Abundance 20x16 SOLD
Prints Available
Winter Wonderland
20x16 SOLD
Prints Available
Mogollon-Overlook Mogollon Overlook 20×24 Morning Glory 16x12 Morning Glory 16×12 SOLD Prints Available Cruisin' Bartlett 18x24 Cruisin’ Bartlett 18×24
LightInTheDesert_24x18_sRGB-copy Light in the Desert 24×18 Sonoran Rainbow 30×24 SOLD Prints Available Happy Hour at Rene's 24x18 Commission, prints available Happy Hour at Rene’s 24×18
Commission Prints Available
Brilliance 16x12 SOLD Prints Available Beauty and the Beast 1 SOLD  Beauty and the Beast 2 SOLD 
Cholla Lights 24×18 SOLD Prints Available


Twins 12×9 SOLD  Cholla Glow
12×9 SOLD 
Weathered 16×12 After the Rains 20×16
SOLD Prints Available
Chasing the light 24x48 SOLD
Prints Available
Nature’s Rhythm 30×24 Lazy Afternoon 24×18 The Guardian 24×36
Living Waters 24×30 Hart Prairie 24x18 SOLD Prints Available Changing of the Guard 18×36

West Fork Reflections 30×24 SOLD Prints Available

Morning Walk 24x20 SOLD Prints Available Radiance 24x18

Radiance 24×18

Hidden Places 20x16 SOLD Prints Available Shades of Winter 24x36 SOLD Prints Available Spirit Of Adventure
Bartlett Afternoon 18×24 SOLD Prints Available Evening on Bartlett 22×28 SOLD Prints Available Monsoon 15x30 Monsoon 15×30 
Desert Embrace 16×20 Quiet Moments 14×11