Megiddo is one of the most prominent sites in biblical history. This city was perched over the most important land route of the ancient Near East, whoever controlled Megiddo controlled the trade routes from Egypt to Syria, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia through the Jezreel Valley. Because of this, the surrounding area was the site of many epic battles and each conqueror continued to rebuild over the previous site. Archeology suggests 26 different levels of civilization which include the Canaanites, Egyptians, Israelites, Assyrians, and Persians in the biblical period along with the Ottoman Turks. Early on Megiddo was a Canaanite city and was later controlled by the Egyptians and then the Israelites. In 732 B.C. the Assyrian King took the region from the Northern Kingdom and it was here that Assyria staged its deportation of the people of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Josiah of Judah, the last righteous King, was called to Megiddo to report to Pharaoh Necho of Egypt, who was on his way to assist the crumbling Assyrian army in its last-ditch efforts against the Babylonians and was slaughtered by Necho (II Kings 23:29).

It is also assumed by many that Megiddo will be the place of the “final battle”, Megiddo in Greek means Armageddon and in the New Testament it is the location of the millennial battle between the forces of good and evil. Throughout the old testament in the words of prophets such as Isaiah, Joel, Zechariah, Ezekiel, Amos each prophesy about a day of judgment to come, the Day of the Lord when each of us must stand before the Lord and have our hearts judged. Revelation 16:12-16 tells us about the sixth bowl judgment and that all the kings and nations will gather in the Valley of Har-Magedon or Armageddon prepared for battle, the Great Day of God. The battle will start with Christ descending with the armies of heaven and will conquer evil once and for all. He will separate one person from another, Mathew 31:46. God promises he will create a new and eternal world, a new Jerusalem where the Lord is to live among us. One with no more tears, no pain or violence, no more hurt, one where we see Christ face to face and walk with him. According to Revelations and many other verses throughout the Bible, this is what awaits those who believe, those who choose to walk with the Lord.

As of this weekend, Richard and I have finally finished reading the Bible word for word. We have also stood on the edge of Megiddo hand in hand overlooking the vast valley. How can we not think about all of the history and prophesy. Regardless of what you believe, you cannot stand on the edge and not wonder what is to come. Mathew 24:36 will tell us that no one knows the day or the hour that these things would happen and because of this he tells us to keep watch and to be ready. Can I stand on the edge watching the storm clouds roll in and not search my heart, am I ready? If it was today am I really ready to stand before the Lord? What would I say and what would he say to me? Would he say it is well with my soul? Have I walked with him and been His hands and feet to the least of them?

Walking through Israel truly did make the Bible come alive in 3D, I feel like I can hardly begin to explain what that was like. My prayer is to capture the heart of this experience on canvas and in word to share with you. I truly hope through my art and stories you have an opportunity to feel, to experience, and to question for yourself.

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